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Our Mission: 

To create empowerment and growth in our youth, particularly in underserved communities. EVOLVE charity efforts are guided by its core values and principles of Accountability, Character, and Service to Community.



Every child is born with a unique set of skills, and intellectual capacity. As they grow, they obtain the ability to imagine what could be possible in life, and the will to believe that it shall be! At EVOLVE, our mission is to provide positive reinforcement to the youth by encouraging them to dream big; and assisting them with the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary to achieve their dreams!

Our Vision:

The foundation sets out to be one of the leading organizations in promoting a positive and enduring impact in the lives of youth it serves in the Prince George’s County community. EVOLVE aims to lead by example; in not only helping to forge paths but continuing to guide and nurture them. So the next generation can continue to raise the bar.


We believe that a successful life is not defined by what society says you are or thinks you should be. It is defined by who you want to be. At Evolve, our programs are designed to establish a foundation built on discovering your passion and life’s purpose. We will empower, enlighten and educate; but most importantly…we will create a culture for success!


Evolve can be defined as gradual development. Forward, linear, positive growth in the right direction; is what we believe in. It is our duty, to give the knowledge, the means and methods for our youth to become the future leaders of our communities. Don’t wait, be apart of the evolution. It truly takes a village!



Ashburn, Va 20147

(703) 314-2408

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