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              Thank You For Your Kind Contribution

Pink Hydration is excited about its relationship with former players of the National Football League and even more excited about rewarding you with a "Thank You Gift" for your generous contribution in supporting our efforts and message of spreading awareness to end cancer through our Pink Hydration bi-monthly events and experiences. Please note that any dollar amount contributed allows you to attend one of our cancer awareness events. Below Please Find Your Additional Reward For Your Contribution: 

  • $10 to $50 receives a FREE Thank You Letter From a Super Bowl Champion​​

  • $51 to $500 receives a FREE Thank You Phone Call From a Super Bowl Champion

  • $501 to $1,500 receives a FREE Thank You Video Message From a Super Bowl Champion

  • $1,501 to $3,500 receives a FREE Thank You Lunch with a Super Bowl Champion

  • $3,501 to $4,500 receives a FREE Thank You Dinner a Super Bowl Champion @ a 4 Star Restaurant

  • $4,501 to $7,500 receives Two  FREE Tickets to an NFL Football Game Accompanied By an NFL Legend

  • $7,501 to $15,500 Enjoys a Night in The Big Apple, New York City and Dinner and Drinks For Two with an NFL Legend or Super Bowl Champion. Hotel Accommodations Included.

Free Gift With Your Contribution: Products
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